Sleep Sack for Ella Jean

I spent the day today organizing digital pictures from the Holiday.  It seems like a huge waste of time after a few hours of work and then looking to see how much there is left to do.  It has been a goal of mine for some time to figure out a system.  I am yet to find one that I can stick to and is "simple."  So, if anyone has an idea or a system they use, email me and share it : )

Onto last nights sewing project...

It seems that everyone I know is have a baby these days.  So let the gift sewing begin!  I love making baby gifts, and I really like making baby girl gifts.  This one was very time consuming, but I am pleased with the outcome, so it was worth it.  Not to mention the person that is receiving it totally deserves something new and girly.  She has two boys already and didn't find out she was having a girl until delivery day, so I assume she doesn't have much for the new addition.  I can't wait to see Miss Ella Jean in this little sleep sack.


I didn't have a baby to model it. I thought of sticking Alaire in it, but I couldn't disturb her and little Belle on the doggie daybed that she thinks is a mini couch.

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