"Lace and Shine" Valentine's Hoodie and Yoga Pant Tutorial

 Hello!  I hope you are having a great Tuesday.  I am having one of those days where it has been a good day but super unproductive. I guess we all deserve those once in a while.  I was super tired today when I got up so I decided that I would take the advice so many people have given me, but I have never done  rarely done... NAP WHEN YOUR KIDS NAP!  We fell asleep at 9:30am with me thinking 30 minutes and I will be good to go.  

Guess what time I woke up?  
Yes, that is 3 hours.  
Yes it is unheard of.  
Yes it was awesome.  
But no, nothing got done at this house today!

Anyway, enough about that and on to what you want...
Warning:  Professional photographers and models were not in this $10 budget, so bear with us.

I have a fun and EASY tutorial for you all today.  Instant gratification! 
(That's the world we live in right?)

I bought these two materials in the remnants at Jo Ann, pretty gaudy and pretty awesome.

I used my Silhouette to cut out freezer paper hearts.  You can also just cut out hearts from the material or freezer paper by hand.
I then ironed them onto the back of the two fabrics and cut them out.  
I bought the hoodie above and the pants below at Wal-Mart for $10.  You could also use a set you have at home.

I then pinned the hearts on the clothes and played
around with the placement that I liked best.

Here is another one I liked, but remember sleeves and pant legs this little without
stitching by hand are kind of a pain to do.

My new BFF!  (It comes in a handful of brands.  I just get the cheapest.  Good coupon item!)
I seriously try to find ways to use this now because it is sooooo awesome.
It washes out, so if you make a mistake no big deal!.    I love it for this project because it is faster than Wonder Under and it requires no pinning for sewing these bitty hearts on.

After you have decided on a layout, remove all layers of hearts except the base layer.  Then spray the back of the heart with the glue and apply. (This is the first layer after applique, but you get the idea)

You are going to zig-zag or satin stitch around the whole heart.  Use a small stitch width and length.
 Take your time on the curves.
If you are doing pants make sure not to sew through both sides.  Get the needle in and then roll up the back side of the cuff as shown.  Check often that you aren't sewing both sides.. experience talking : )

Here is the finished pant leg.

On the hoodie I put multiple layers of hearts, so after the lace one was finished I glued the sequined one on and then stitched around it.
If you are wondering, I did use two different thread colors ... yes even on the bobbin.  Look how cute it looks peaking through the inside of the hoodie.

Finished product.
 Cute.  Simple.  Easy.
My model trying to escape.  I wish I had an after picture of that little yellow
candle there on the right in her hands.  Of course she popped the wick off and tried to eat it!
Why wouldn't she do that in a white shirt?

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