Little Scrubs

I found this Kimono pattern by Habitual on Homemade By Jill.  It is a FREE pdf pattern.  It is super simple and easy to make.  Cute too!  Anyway I made it the other night and then made my own little pants to go with.  I decided to make mine two toned.  I used a few fabrics I had picked up ridiculously cheap in the remnants at Jo-Ann. Alaire looks like a little nurse in the outfit, which we love because one of her grandmas is a nurse!  This is the perfect little number for pajamas or for play clothes around the house. 
(Please excuse the quality of pictures.  Nine month olds like to try to grab  the camera and are only coaxed by wallets and agendas)

So, if you are looking for a quick, free, easy pattern, try this one!  You will be instantly gratified.

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