Do you ever want something ridiculously great to happen to you, so you tell yourself there is no way it will,  but in the back of your head you are just waiting for it to happen still?? 
Okay let's cut to the chase.... I have been DROOLING over the Silhouette SD machine for weeks now.  A lot of great craft bloggers have been giving them away and I have been signing up for these giveaways like a mad man. 

Obviously I didn't win.  You would know if I did.  Everything I mean EVERYTHING would be labeled in my house.  Every shirt would be personalized, and I would have birthday cards and decorations made for the next ten years.  I would even beg my girlfriends to have babies, just so I could throw the shower and make those little boxes for the party favors! (Okay a step too far.)
The point is I want one, maybe I would even go so far is to say I need or have to have one...

Good thing I just had a birthday and blew all of my money on one the next day.  The worst part is the wait.  It is shipping out of California and I am tracking that baby through Fed Ex  ALL. WEEK. LONG.

I hate reading the words "IN TRANSIT".  Why not "OUT FOR DELIVERY"???  It will be here Wednesday.  : )  There will be a posting soon of all of my creations!!! 

***But just as exciting, I am being featured for the next two days on one pretty thing!

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