Birthday Kitchen

My daughter, Alaire, turns one on December 27th.  The day we found out she was due on Christmas Day, everyone that knew said, "Oh... now she won't get her own birthday."  Me being me decided that I would not mesh her birthday and Christmas together.  We will make her feel special every year and keep the two separate.  We also decided one present for Christmas from the two of us, one present from Santa, and one for her birthday.  (It is wayyyyy to easy to over shop for little girls who love dolls and books and ..... you get it!)

Of course I love handmade gifts, and I want to give my children as many of them as I can.  But, it always seems that I am making presents and orders for other kids and the things I want to do for my own gets pushed back.  I am sure many others feel the same way! 

That being said.  I told myself that I wanted to make her something special for her birthday.  She is a little young to completely understand, but I wanted to get her a kitchen set.  I googled them, shopped around, searched and searched and searched.  No offense, but what I found was that I wanted a nicer, more durable, cuter, more custom, sturdy, wooded kitchen set that was affordable.  Of course you-know-who (Pottery Barn) has a beautiful set.  It just costs as much as a trip to Disney : ) (Okay I am exaggerating... well not really!)

So my solution is....  You don't know her?? Well you better check out her sight.  She is soooo amazing.  I can go on and on for days about her.  She has given me so many ideas and of course projects to put on my list.  She has the plans to build a little kitchen set, and the best part is she is giving them to her readers for FREE!!!

Okay how stinkin cute is the Turkey dress my mom and dad sent last week????
(By the way we don't typically use Vaseline in our kitchen)

Here is what I have accomplished so far!!! I will keep you posted on the progress!

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