Crazy Soda Cakes

There is a woman in a mothers group I belong to who brings cupcakes in each month for birthdays.  She introduced me to the easiest way to make cupcakes in the world.
So here is what you need: cake mix and a can of soda (not joking... THAT.IS.IT.) 

You mix them together and bake as directed. 

I know it isn't hard to put oil, water and eggs into the cake mix, but why dirty the extra dishes??  Better yet, why think?  Everytime I make a box of anything I have to double and triple check everything.. 1/2 cup right?... wait  is it a 1/3 cup??

Let me tell you that the batter is probably the best part.  It is so creamy and thick, and it doesn't have raw eggs, so eat away.  The cake itself turns out spongey.  It isn't quite like cake and it isn't quite like a brownie.  You will see for yourself when you make it.

Anyway, I know you are wondering what kind of soda?  ANY KIND!!!  You can use diet, regular, store brand, name brand, you choose! 

I would suggest using dark pop with dark mix and light pop with light mix.  You could also use grape or strawberry pop with vanilla cake mix for the kids.   I made Coke with Devil's Food cake mix.

How much fun would your little people have "helping" you by dumping a can of fizzy soda into the mix?  Have fun and let me know if you try any fun flavors that turn out great!


  1. You can also use a can of fruit pie filling (like cherries) and mix it with a box of cake mix... another fun hack. :)

  2. That's a weight watcher recipe, an oldie. Another one is 1 can of crushed pineapple, 1 box of 1-step angel food cake .. mix and bake. yummy

    But the absolute best recipe is Brownies ... you'll find the recipe here:
    I promise you'll love them.....

  3. And if you put the ingredients in a large sealable bag, you can just shake and knead it to mix, snip off a corner of the bag to fill the cups, and then throw the bag away. No dishes!!!

  4. awesome, awesome recipe!! can't wait to try it this weekend! and i'm gonna share with my mom in law who is a huge weight watchers recipe fan! thanks so much! hugs! btw, seen you on one pretty thing's linky & am so glad!

  5. Nicole-what a great idea!! Crystal-I am so glad you found me too!