Repurposed for Rehearsal

My brother got married over Labor Day weekend.  I was in the wedding, which made getting dressed for the wedding pretty easy, but I still needed something for the rehearsal.  In most parts of the country, Labor Day is the last hoorahhh for the summer, so I wanted something summery. 
I have had a secret love for nautical, classic stripes, navy, yellows and reds.  The weird thing is I NEVER BUY THEM.  Anyway, I decided to go with that for my outfit's inspiration.  I found a bold blue pencil skirt first.  Then I went to a store at the mall.  I don't even recall the name of it, but I do know I absolutely was the first person to ever step foot in it with a stroller.  It was Wet Seal meets Hot Topic.  The point is sometimes those places have crazy deals on basics on their clearance racks.  I found a tube top on a $3 rack and bought it.  Because I was wearing a high waisted skirt, I cut the tube top in half and then hemmed it and added a piece of elastic around the bottom to keep it fitted.
I used the very bottom of the cut off piece for a strap and the other half to make a flower which I embellish the final shirt with.  I thought it turned out really cute for the half hour of work I put into it!  I will definitely be using this kind of flower on other knits too! (Maybe I will do a tutorial on the flower when I use it again)

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